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Hope everyone’s been doing ok. I’m bringing the blog to a close(personal reasons) and for the last post I want to do what I had initially set out to do, which is help Gintama hit the Worldwide Twitter trending topics. It may seem impossible but it’s not that hard if we time it just right and if we have 200 to 300 people. While the blog has 219 subs, not all of them will be up for the task. I expect about 50 to 60 at the maximum. We are short 240-odd people and I’m spreading the word on some forums and hope I can get as close to that number as possible. You guys can bring in your friends too into the fun.

I’ll tell you all about ‘the what’, ‘the how’ and ‘the why’ in a separate post which I’m working on right now. I should have it up here sometime later today or early tomorrow. This blog’s been a fun ride, and I hope I can end it on a high note :D

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For centuries, Scientists have wondered why snow exists when water already has a solid form in ice.

We now know the answer. 

Gintama icons for download

Baka ouji antenna.

Yolk Rice.

Elizabeth’s placard.

Justaway Alarm Clock.

More icons and download links here.

Serial TV Drama announces their single 'Tougenkyou Alien' will be Gintama 2011 OP 

Serial TV Drama will be doing the opening for Gintama 2011. 桃源郷エイリアン (Tougenkyou Alien / Paradise Alien) will air on April 4th.

SPYAIR’s Samurai Heart - Some like it hot! will be the ending.

Kagura’s Oronamin C addiction.

Gin-san lost twice, first to Tama and Okita and then to Shinpachi and Hijikata. Help him win in Round 3! 

Here’s some Gintama Sailor senshi made by @hisayo_134 using the Sailor Moon dress-up game - Sailor Senshi Maker - make your own Sailor moon senshi.

Guy gets easiest exam question in the world, wrong.

Gintama Parody List - nowhere near complete but it has pics. 

Another list is here, though it is unfinished as well.

Gintama Benizakura-hen movie now subbed in English. Download from here (1.8 GB / 9 files) 

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